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The Defence DevSecOps Service

Use the Defence DevSecOps Service (D2S) to build, test and deploy secure software as highly available cloud-native services.

The D2S platform is based on Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform(opens in new tab) (OCP) and hosted on MODCloud’s iACE infrastructure(opens in new tab).

The D2S service offers:

  • an integrated DevSecOps toolchain
  • support for incident management
  • learning and guidance
  • a Community of Practice

You can use D2S to develop high code applications using a DevSecOps approach which cannot use low code or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. You can also migrate existing containerised cloud-native applications for deployment on D2S. Your team must maintain the application throughout its life cycle.

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With D2S, you can:

  1. Securely deploy applications on highly resilient and scalable infrastructure
    D2S is hosted on MODCloud’s hybrid (private and public) infrastructure. D2S applications can be deployed to virtual and physical locations so that services can be delivered from anywhere.

  2. Automate the build and deployment of applications for speed and agility
    D2S offers a DevSecOps pipeline with built-in automation, security and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities to quickly deploy applications.

  3. Accelerate software development through the reuse of code and common components
    Having most Defence application teams on one central platform lets you share code, software and data.

  4. Start building your application straight away
    D2S is an assured platform and toolkit so you can quickly access our development and test environments.

As a developer you can:

  1. continuously deliver code into production with shorter development cycles
  2. develop features quickly
  3. build, run, inspect and manage your applications in real-time
  4. use OCP tooling to quickly build CI/CD pipelines

As a team lead you can:

  1. minimise delivery time between development, test and production environments
  2. reduce application development costs through reusable technologies
  3. test and check the security of your application during development with built-in automated tools

Deliver applications quickly

D2S saves time and money for teams who deliver software applications and digital services to Front Line Commands.

We offer a common DevSecOps approach, so teams do not have to build new platforms and pipelines.


  • avoids duplication through the reuse of code, technologies and data
  • reduces running costs
  • minimises up-front assurance processes
  • lets you focus on higher priorities in Defence
  • makes software more portable and resilient
  • increases knowledge sharing across Defence


The D2S cost model shows how we calculate prices such as memory and storage, using application sizes of small, medium or large. You can contact the D2S team to discuss what you may need.

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Get started

  1. Request a Defence Digital email address
    To use D2S, you must have a Defence Digital email address. To request a Defence Digital email address, sign into Defence Gateway and fill in this form. You will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your account has been set up, with a link to sign into D2S.

  2. Set up or join a project
    Once you have signed into your D2S account using your Defence Digital email address, you can create a project or be added to one by your team lead.

  3. Explore the platform and training
    You can explore the D2S dashboard for step-by-step guides, tutorials, live help and support. Once you’re ready, you can start building your application.

What we’re working on

The D2S roadmap shows the features we’re working on. It does not cover everything we do, and may change.

Contact us if you have questions or suggestions for new features.


Recently shipped

  • Deploy an application to Official
  • An MVP self-service and community website, to share D2S' proposition and provide an entrance for new users

Working on now

  • MCN (MOD Core Network) integration, to allow for extensive connectivity between systems and services
  • Software composition analysis, to identify and evaluate licenses and vulnerabilities found in open source software used in an application


  • Accessibility assessment tooling, to make WCAG-compliant applications easier to build and ship
  • Offering SQL and NoSQL databases, managed as a service
  • A trusted repository of images available to developers on the platform

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The Foundry Federation

The Defence Digital Foundry, a part of the UK Ministry of Defence, is a software delivery organisation that exploits modern ways of working. Our mission is to deliver strategic advantage and capability for Defence users, through rapid and effective software delivery based on clear prioritisation, agile and incremental delivery.

User-centred design underpins all of the key features of the D2S service. D2S has been co-designed with users through extensive interviews, workshops and testing activities to ensure the service meets the needs of users. The D2S customer experience team continues to work with the community to shape and evolve the service and user experience in line with user needs.

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If you have questions about D2S or want to join the D2S community, contact the D2S team.